In an effort to give the communities we service both peace of mind and substantial savings for air medical transports, Valley Med Flight offers an exclusive membership program to citizens living within our service areas.

Members are guaranteed not only exceptional care and prompt service, but they also have all out-of-pocket expenses waived when Valley Med Flight provides air medical services for them or their dependents. Membership plans are available for both the insured and the uninsured.




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What is the Plus Program?

The Plus Program is a membership that provides financial peace of mind at an affordable price.  By enrolling you will have no out-of-pocket costs when taking a medically necessary flight.

Can I sign up if I don’t have health insurance?

Yes, you can still sign up if you don’t have health coverage.  Please note that the rates differ.

What if my health coverage is through Medicaid?

Medicaid recipients are covered by Medicaid and do not require a membership.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up using our online application or by calling (866) 290-0473 and speaking with a representative.  You can also sign up by downloading a brochure which includes the application, filling it out, and mailing it with payment to our address listed at the bottom of the application. 

How soon will my membership become active?

Your membership becomes active three days after your application is submitted online or mailed with a payment.

Where am I covered?

Your membership extends to our sister companies at no additional cost.  Please see our service area map located inside the downloadable brochure.

Who is covered under my membership?

Membership plans cover yourself and family members.  Family members are your spouse and any dependents claimed on your head of household tax return.

Will I receive something in the mail?

Yes, you will receive a welcome letter with 2 membership ID cards.  These will be similar to an insurance card.  If more than 2 cards are needed, they can be requested by calling (866) 290-0473.  Please note that cards can take 2-3 weeks to be received.

Will I receive a renewal notice before my membership expires?

You will receive a renewal notice via mail and/or email a month or two before your membership is set to expire.

Is my membership current?

Please call (866) 290-0473 to speak with a representative.  New online capabilities coming soon!

When does my membership expire?

Please call (866) 290-0473 to speak with a representative.  New online capabilities coming soon!

How long is my membership good for?

Depending on the plan purchased, your membership will expire 1, 2 or 3 years from the day you sign up.

Does the membership cover ground ambulance?

The Plus Program only covers medically necessary flights via air transportation.

Can I purchase a plan as a gift?

Yes, you can purchase a membership as a gift.  The application would need to be filled out for the person being gifted the membership.  Please call (866) 290-0473 if the ID cards need to be sent to an address other than the person receiving the membership.

Where can I access the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions can be accessed at