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In early 2011, Valley Med Flight started servicing North Eastern North Dakota from one base location in Grand Forks with a single airplane. Since this time, Valley Med Flight has grown into the Upper Mid-West’s largest Air Medical Service provider.  Utilizing 11 active helicopter and airplane base locations, Valley Med Flight has been able to extend its operational footprint to encompass a 7 state region. This impressive growth has been accomplished through the delivery of cutting edge critical care and unmatched customer service.



For years North Dakota residents were faced with medical transportation challenges. As a state mainly composed of greatly spread rural communities, the residents of North Dakota faced large distances and long waits when it came to obtaining medical care. With a vast majority of EMS services composed of a declining population of volunteers, many North Dakota patients found themselves waiting extended periods of time for medical transportation when it was needed.  Those delays lead to worse outcomes and in some cases the death of those affected by them.


After years of working in the Emergency Department of one of North Dakota’s largest hospitals, two medical employees decided to materialize a solution to benefit the rural residents of the state. Years of experience in battling the negative affect to the health of patients that were victims of delayed transportation seeded the creation of a solution to this problem.


With the largest aviation college in the U.S. located within the same city, the answer was in the air. The two medical employees joined forces with a leading expert in aviation and formulated a solution that would deliver medical patients to the care they required in a fraction of time it was currently taking.  In early 2011 Valley Med Flight conducted it’s first mission in North Dakota with the philosophy of delivering cutting edge critical care and unmatchable customer service.


Today Valley Med Flight staffs 11 base locations scattered across the upper mid-west. These locations provide air medical transportation services to a 7 state region. Utilizing a fleet of both helicopters and airplanes, Valley Med Flight continues to improve the medical outcomes and lives of thousands of people each year.



“It is our mission to safely and efficiently transport our patients, with the utmost care and respect, to a facility equipped to handle their medical needs. Our patients will receive the highest level of care possible using the most advanced equipment and protocols available. We are grateful for the honor to serve our community in this respect.